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The Benefits of Sports Camp

Sports camps offer a unique opportunity for high school athletes to boost their visibility while improving their skills and abilities.  At first glance, it would seem that the main reason to attend a sports camp would be to improve one’s skills at their chosen sport.  However, there are so many other benefits that sport camps provide young athlete with.  Some of these benefits include:

Meeting New People

Sports camps bring together a wide variety of student athletes from across the country.  Your athlete will expand their horizons by getting to know kids from a different location or socio-economic background.  They will also get the chance to improve their level of play, by playing against a bigger body of talent, dedicated to the sport.


High school coaches are dedicated individuals who put their time and effort into coaching but the time they spend with athletes are limited.  At a sports camp, you student will have consistent access to top coaches and other professional that can provide mentorship to them throughout the camp.  Often these relationships can continue through the school year and be a valuable resource when it is time to consider post-graduation plans.

Personal Responsibility

Time away from home forces a student to be responsible for him/herself.  Sports camp can provide an environment that gives the student the freedom to learn time management and  discipline, while also providing a safety net for those who struggle to adjust.

Team Building Skills

Most high school sports are team sports.  Therefore, athletes must be able to play with different teams, coaches and players if they want to play at the next level. Sports camps focus not only on improving individual skills but on team building exercises that athletes can use going forward. It also provides an athlete a great opportunity to play with new players and coaches and learn different systems of preparation and play.


By attending a sports camp, your athlete will be able to showcase his or her talent to coaches and recruiters who often visit camps searching for new talent. If your athlete impresses the coaches at the camp with their level of play and character, the coaches might pass on the recommendation to recruiters. This increased visibility is essential if your athlete plans to continue the sport competitively at the collegiate level.

Sports camps can be great fun for high school athletes while also providing them with a challenging opportunity to improve their athletic ability.  For serious athletes, it is definitely one of the best ways to spend a school break without losing skills or getting out of shape.

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Recording A Pro Quality Game Video On Your Cellphone

As a parent, you want to have recordings of your child’s greatest moments throughout her athletic career. Not only is it a great way to capture memories but it also allows your child to asses their level of performance and help them improve. Here is a quick guide to recording good video on your cellphone.

The best place to stand for a wide view of the action, is at the top of the bleachers with the the crowd in front of you and below you.

Alternatively, you can sit in front of the crowd for a clear frame. Try to avoid zooming in as this will cause shakiness in your video.

In either case, turn your phone sideways and rest your elbows on your knees comfortably. Keep your back straight and subtly move your body in the direction of the action. The idea is to be in a comfortable position for a long and steady shot.

Alternatively, you could buy a monopod on Amazon or a local retailer. This makes it a lot easier to keep your phone level and upright for the duration of the game.


Similarly you could also purchase a 3 axis camera gimbal that will ensure our video is smooth even when you move your phone to follow the action.


If you are outdoors, it’s best to be in a shaded area to avoid sun flares and over exposure in the video. In sports like soccer, teams usually switch sides within each quarter so if you must change positions try to find a similarly shaded area on the opposite side of the field. If no shaded area is available try sitting under an umbrella or tent for optimal recording conditions.



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Preventing Sports Injuries in High School

Each year, countless teenagers participate in high school athletics, so the occurrence of injuries is inevitable.  While injuries can be discouraging for the athlete, his or her family and the team, they can also cause long term damage to the athlete’s body, especially if left untreated.  To minimize the risk of an injury occurring in the first place, there are a number of things that can be done.

In order to prevent an injury, you need to have familiarity with common injuries that occur in high school athletics. Injuries sustained by student athletes are usually acute injuries due to overuse.  Most often the injury is related to muscles, tendons or growth plates, because at the athletes age, they are still growing and their bones and muscles are under strain. The most common injuries in high school athletics are:

  • Sprains and/or strains
  • Growth plate injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries, such as a stress fracture

The best way to avoid an injury is to take preventative measures.  The most important prevention steps include:

  • Ensure the coaches and assistants are trained on how to spot and prevent injuries. This may including training for coaches and other personnel.
  • Employ a certified athletic train who will work with the team
  • Use all the required gear, including any protective padding, that is recommended with the sport
  • Keep athlete’s hydrated and make sure water is always accessible during practices and games
  • Include warm-ups and cool-downs as part of the regular routine
  • Include a stretching routine in warm ups, after light activity.
  • Don’t play an injured athlete. Don’t let your athletes “tough it out”. If they are injured. Let them rest and recover.

Encouraging kids to stay active is an important part of being a parent but it is equally important to protect them from pushing themselves too hard or not listening to their body when there is an issue.  When played correctly, high school athletics is an excellent opportunity for kids to build character become part of a team.