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Hockey Players – Keep “smell” and your gear apart like a Pro

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Hockey players’ gear can get really smelly within all of their layers of pads and clothing. And while (shockingly) smell may not always get the attention of all young athletes, it’s what’s causing the smell that should.

What causes smell to be so bad in hockey gear?

Sweat is made up almost completely of water, so no red flag there.

Where the smell problem occurs is when sweat mixes with bacteria on your skin. We have lots of microorganisms on our skin that house many different species of bacteria. Our skin does an amazing job of keeping bacteria from entering our body, unless you get a cut, raspberry, sunburn or something that lessens the skin’s defense. Bacteria interacting with an abrasion can lead to a nasty infection, rash or skin sore requiring antibiotics to treat the more serious infections. If you end up with a painful staph infection, you likely will not be playing your sport until it’s healed.

So what’s bacteria and an infection have to do with your sports gear?

Every time your sweat mixes with bacteria on your skin, that undesirable concoction is drying up in the fibers of your gear – your skates, helmets, cleats, gloves, pads, shirts, even the bag where you haul your gear to and fro. Dried sweat and bacteria is responsible for your gear stink in addition to a heightened risk of getting an infection.

How can you clean and remove bacteria from your gear, including stuff that doesn’t go in the washing machine?

Look no further than this “Stench Control” guide below. ProStockHockey created a simple list of how to clean different types of gear based on practices of NHL teams. This simple list shows tips of how to get the most longevity out of your equipment and gear. And, you don’t need to be a hockey player to learn about better ways to keep your gear and clothing clean and bacteria-free.

psh-stench-graphicSteps To Clean Hockey Gear from Pro Stock Hockey, an online resource for hockey equipment”

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