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Top Basketball Coach has Message for Young Athletes: Pay Attention to Your Body Language

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Geno Auriemma, head coach of the University of Connecticut Huskies successful women’s basketball team and head coach of the United States women’s national basketball team, has a message for young athletes – pay attention to your body language.

Turn on any professional sports game and you will see professional athletes showing off their sense of importance – also known as showing off how cool they are – and it is being emulated by young athletes. “You see this at every AAU, every high school game. So recruiting kids who are really upbeat, loving life, love the game, have a tremendous amount of appreciation for when one of their teammates does something well, that’s really hard.” Coach Auriemma states.

The Connecticut coach goes on to discuss the behavior of many young athletes. “Their always thinking of themselves. Me, me, me, me. I didn’t score, so why should I be happy? I’m not getting enough minutes, so why should I be happy?”

Coach Ariemma watches game film of his team. “When I watch game film, I am watching what is going on on the bench. If someone’s asleep over there, if somebody doesn’t care, somebody is not engaged in the game, they will never get into the game.”

While some athletes and their parents may think that showing one’s capabilities and personal emotions are important to setting their athlete apart from the rest of the team, top coaches like Ariemma are looking for those players who show a love of the game and genuine support of their teammates.

Watch Coach Ariemma discuss more on this topic.

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