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Recording A Pro Quality Game Video On Your Cellphone

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As a parent, you want to have recordings of your child’s greatest moments throughout her athletic career. Not only is it a great way to capture memories but it also allows your child to asses their level of performance and help them improve. Here is a quick guide to recording good video on your cellphone.

To capture the whole picture of what is going on in a game, the best place to stand for a wide view of the action, is at the top of the bleachers with the crowd in front of and below you.

Alternatively, if you are focused on capturing video of one player in particular, sit in front of the crowd or stand on the sidline for a clear frame of your athlete in action. Adjust the zoom once you have focused in on a particular part of the field or court where your athlete is likely to be in game action. Zooming during a play can cause shakiness in your video.

In either case, turn your phone sideways to capture the most of the field of play. Keep your back straight and subtly move your body in the direction of the action if you need to adjust at all. The idea is to be in a comfortable position for a long and steady shot.

If you have a specific part of a field or court you will focus your video on, buy a monopod on Amazon or a local retailer. This makes it a lot easier to keep your phone level and upright for the duration of the game.


Similarly you could also purchase a 3 axis camera gimbal that will ensure our video is smooth even when you move your phone to follow the action.


If you are outdoors, it’s best to be in a shaded area to avoid sun flares and over exposure in the video. In sports like soccer, teams usually switch sides each half so it’s easy to stay on the side of the field with your back against the sun.


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