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6 tips to de-stress your life

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  • Make the time. Make it a habit.
  • Use it as a time to let your thoughts run without interrupting them. Sometimes the best solutions to problems can be figured out once you get into a rhythm.

Get organized…and stay that way.

  • If you have problems with organization, set one day and time of the week to clean up and organize your bedroom and school locker.

Eat right.

  • Sugar and caffeine are short term solutions. What goes up in terms of energy, will come down.
  • Munch on veggies and drink ice water as snacks.
  • Eat nutritious meals in order to keep your blood sugar levels from fluctuating.


  • You cannot do everything well, every day.
  • Look at your schedule carefully each day and decide what is most important to finish and/or participate in that day and what is less important. Every day will probably dictate different priorities.

Go to bed when you are tired at night.

  • There is a point every night when everyone’s energy and ability to concentrate diminishes. In many cases, going to bed when this happens and waking up early to finish the last bit of homework can yield much better results in sleep and homework speed than staying up later and finishing up problems at a much slower rate.

When overstressed, make sure you accomplish something.

  • When you get to the point where you think you will never recover, finish something, no matter how small.
  • Reduce your big problem into smaller pieces and solve each piece at a time.

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