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Practice is not just for your sport – what to say when a coach calls

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You are practicing multiple times a week in hopes that you will shine when a college coach shows up at one of your games. You need to practice what you will say to coach when s/he calls. These calls are much more about negotiation than a conversation and you need to make sure your coach knows more about what you think is most important.

  1. You have the notepad app or something like it on your phone. Write questions and points that you want to make to each potential coach so that you always have them ready to go when a call comes.
  2. Be able to describe your capabilities and your interest in the school well.
    1. Mention the positions you can play.
    2. Talk about the two most recent teams you have been part of and what your role was.
    3. Have at least three reasons why you are interested in this college program ready to go.
      1. My mom is an alum and had a great experience playing. Her degree there prepared her well for her career.
      2. I visited the campus when I was in 8th grade and it has been my top choice since. I am especially interested in the business major offered because of the social media lab and minor option.
      3. I saw the team play last fall and loved the type of play and the personality of the team
      4. A girl I played against in high school plays on your team and loves it.
  3. Have questions ready.
    1. Are you looking for players in my positions? What do you particularly look for?
    2. Can I come for a campus visit soon?
    3. Will you be at the next tournament I play in?
    4. Will you offer an ID camp soon?
  4. End with a strong statement:
    1. I am extraordinarily interested in attending your school and playing for you. Any additional insight of what I can do to improve my play and chances of being selected by you and your staff is welcome.

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